“What we choose to fight is so tiny!
What fights with us is so great.”

~Rainer Maria Rilke

Some realizations are earned after waging battles with your own self. The fight may seem long and wearisome but, what awaits you across these tough terrains would make the journey, worth its dread. Each of us shall embark on a journey that would solely be our own. Never forget those who come to your aid with a shoulder to lean on and kind words to soothe your aching heart and mind. In life, some arrivals would feel like spring and some departures, like a wretched drought. These seasons would always come and go and so, you must continue to walk along the road you chose for yourself.

  • Humraah- Companion
  • Manzil- Destination
  • Be-niyaazi- Unconcerned/Carefree
  • Alvidaa- Goodbye
  • Baazi- Game
  • Mazaak- Joke
  • Beqasoor- Innocent
  • Lafz- Words
  • Ansunaa- Unheard
  • Nigaah- Eyes
  • Aitbaar- Trust
  • Shifaa- Cure
  • Dariya-e-dil- River of the heart
  • Marz- Disease
  • Duaa- Prayer
  • Rabb di mehr- God’s mercy/kindess
  • Jahaan- World
  • Beshak- Undoubtedly

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